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  •  Martin Frost is NOT a DINO (none)
    Martin Frost is not a DINO.  He was a solid Texas Democrat long before the neocons came to town.  Why do you think that DeLay wanted to get rid of him?  

      The ads should not be taken out of context.  It was simply not possible for Frost to win without a large number of Republicans crossing party lines.  He ran as a soft spoken, honest, hard working, decent man.  What is more significant than his name dropping and conciliatory tone was the fact that he did not abandon his core values.  Further, the name dropping in the ads was juxtaposed to biting attacks against his opponent.

    The party left him to fend for himself in very hostile territory.  He fought very well and other Democrats could learn from his experience.  We are fighting for purple and red territory.

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