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View Diary: Gibbs politely tells Fox it's full of **** (259 comments)

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  •  He's good at that (14+ / 0-)

    OK, biting my tongue and saying something nice about Matthews.

    But generally he's pretty good at letting the nutjobs ramble on and on uninterrupted, and then at the end he'll hit them with the "but that's just crazy!" line.

    I remember him letting Bachman do the same thing during the "anti-American" phase of the '08 primary. He just let her expose herself as the rambling nutjob she really was. (Who knew in just a few short months she'd be totally outclassed by Palin?)

    Sometimes the best way to deal with a talking-points agenda is to let the cameras roll for more than 15 seconds at a stretch. Then the guest has to go outside the talking points and prepared soundbites...and in the case of your typical Bachman or Brown, you end up having to fill the extra time with incompetent lunatic word salad because that's all that's inside your head at the moment.

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