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    Sir: Plank 2, the heavy graduated income tax - check. Plank 3, abolition of all rights of inheritance, check. The "death tax" is a long established part of the federal tax code. While at times it is more and others less, at all times it is certain that the power of the political class to strip however much of your property from your descendants after your death is unquestioned. We no longer have any "right" to an inheritance - it is a privilege. Plank 4, when you give up your American citizenship, you must pay a heavy poll tax should you have enough wealth to attract the politicians' attention. And as the interned Japanese-Americans prove, you don't even need to be a rebel to have all your property confiscated. Plank 5, the Federal Reserve, with its govt granted monopoly on the provision of money. Plank 6, the FCC and FTC, to regulate is to control. Plank 7, every Wall Street bank, the auto makers, and the farm legislation takes care of the rest. Plank 8, during times of war industrial armies are established. While their primary product is to make corpses, they still are industrial. Plank 9, my soon to be released book details the Subsistence Homestead Program. It was abandoned as impractical after FDR's death. Plank 10, no need to elaborate.

    That's 9 out of 10, but the death tax is not in operation (at the moment) and the draft has been done away with.

    My point is that nobody, not Washington or Jefferson or FDR or anyone else has nearly the influence on modern America as Karl Marx.

    C.J. Maloney's first book (on Arthurdale, West Virginia during the New Deal) is to be released by John Wiley and Sons in February 2011.

    by CJ Maloney on Wed May 05, 2010 at 06:18:12 PM PDT

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      Heavily graduated income tax? Not even close. Now, if you went back quite a few years, we had a more progressive income tax and the country prospered. I'm all for a more heavily graduated income tax. 100% tax on anything made over 12 million dollars a year for example.

      All rights of inheritance have been abolished? Really? When my Grandpa died, we inherited quite a bit. There's no way to hand down anything to your kids when you die? Nope. There is an income tax that your kids pay when they receive your money. And it's not high enough.\

      Plank 4: ok, so you're stating that not everyone has to pay a 'heavy poll tax' when they leave the country permanently. Good enough for me. As to the Japanese Americans, could you think of a more recent example?

      Plank 5: if we had federal control of the financial market, we wouldn't have entered this grand recession. Regulation is our friend when it comes to Wall Street.

      Plank 6: regulate, sure. Are you stating that with the millions of firearms in this country, the government has complete control over them because they regulate the firearms industry? Regulation =/= complete control, though I'll grant you, it does give you a modicum.

      Plank 7: ?

      Plank 8: elucidation of your explanation would be nice.

      Plank 9: Synopsis would be nice.

      Plank 10: this is the one I'll give you. Public education is a great thing. Now we just need to remove all of the private institutions for primary and secondary ed so everyone gets the same education.

      We need another Huey P. Long and federal funding for abortion. -9.00, -4.05

      by KVoimakas on Wed May 05, 2010 at 10:25:40 PM PDT

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