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  •  Gee, what group of "celibate" clergy does this (3+ / 0-)
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    remind you of?

    ...both campaigns sought to convince the electorate that legalizing same-sex marriage would lead to second-graders being recruited into a lifestyle of sodomy and depravity.

    Yeah, that's taking a cheap shot.  But by now, I think both the National Organization for Marriage and that group of clergymen have earned plenty of cheap shots.

    As for preventing divorce, my father practiced primary care medicine for 52 years.  He heard about a lot of marital problems.  He had a saying that the saddest divorces were ones that should have happened but never did.

    Several times, when I've told that saying to someone, I've gotten the response, "Oh my God, that's SO true."  There are worse things than divorce.  

    For that matter, there are worse things than abortion.

    And there are worse things than taxes.

    We're all pretty strange one way or another; some of us just hide it better. "Normal" is a dryer setting.

    by david78209 on Sun May 09, 2010 at 06:59:01 PM PDT

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