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  •  We manage to feed three (1+ / 0-)
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    on about $250 a month.

    Between all our food allergies, I do a lot of cooking from scratch. There's a lot more primal I'd like to get with some of it, but I also

    1. don't work fifteen hours a day outside the house (I am working on two books and building stock for a small business, but making bread fits in the edges around that nicely)
    1. enjoy puttering in the kitchen as a relaxing and life-enhancing hobby, and have invested in the tools that make that easier (good knives, nice iron skillets, etc.)

    3)learned how to cook growing up. And how to slaughter a chicken, and how to plant and grow vegetables, and a host of other skills I only realize I have when someone stands in awe of them

    1. have a car, and access to grocery stores, and storage for bulk goods. We shop about twice a month, and travel to the nearest large city for specialty goods about once a month, or order them off the net (computer, debit card, bank account, etc.)

    So I don't preach that anyone should be doing things the way I do. I can teach anyone to make bread, or a custard, or how to clean a chicken. I can't make them do it my way.

    •  shrug, you don't need hours a day. (0+ / 0-)

      we eat plenty from scratch, but since we don't consume grains at all, we have the option of easy, fast meals without a lot of prep time.  

      making stock or broth is easy.  i am little tired of the myth that cooking in a healthy way is some sort of rare thing that requires years of training.  it isn't rare.  it doesn't take years of specialised training.  you don't need a lot of expensive fancy equipment to 'invest' in.    

      i grew up with poor people who bought (mostly meat)in bulk by travelling in the back of the truck of the one guy who owned a truck.  they'd go every few weeks and stock up on needed things.  if someone was disabled or whatever, someone else bought their bulk goods for them.  

      i also grew up with poor people who had long lists of reasons why they couldn't do the above and how cooking was impossible and every meal was going to take an hour and etc.  

      the first group ate a lot of organ meat and meat broth with veggies in.  they were healthier and had fewer physical complaints.  the second group was mostly diabetic and ate huge amounts of sugary stuff (from cakes to sugary sauces drowning overcooked meat).  

      maybe we should stop patronizing poor people and look to the healthy poor people as models and signs that it can be done, and done easily while working.

      by shoeboy on Sat May 08, 2010 at 05:37:28 PM PDT

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