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View Diary: ECSTASY:  Put a dent in neo-feudalism! (45 comments)

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  •  about that language... (9+ / 0-)

    Stuff like this:

    "Yeah, credit unions are great.  Conservatively managed and responsive.  No worries about the place getting sealed off by the feds while Wa Mu and suchlike are crashing all around..."


    "Local lending is good for business.  The more times a dollar changes hands in a town, the more prosperous the town tends to become."


    "With the electric co-op we're getting a square deal for power, and if we don't like the management, we can run for Board.  That's a good way to keep 'em honest."  

    Emphasize the themes of Main Street, old-fashioned business ethics, conservative management, responsiveness, customer service, quality, loyalty to the community, and so on.   Oldschool conservatives will recognize all of it as being consistent with their values, which is to say, a lot of the same values all of us used to share.

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