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    When I represented multi-billion dollar clients like American Airlines, Fiat or Aerospatiale, we had cases that could have cost us tens or even hundreds of millions.  We seemed to get by just fine with economic experts, scientists and others who hardly ever charged more than $25,000 or $30,000.  Many times, it would be much less.  However, these were airline crashes and mass disasters.

    What I have found is that in purely commercial litigation like shareholder derivative suits, copywright infringement and the like, the voluminous nature of the evidence drives up the costs to the range you are discussing.

    Having said that, a friend of mine recently obtained a verdict in excess of $150 Million in such a case and he was able to keep his expert costs way down by organizing what he gave them.

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      Josiah Bartlett, dhajra

      We tended to be brought in early in a case, often before discovery, continuing through appeals. I was lead on one case that lasted four years before they came to a tentative settlement. After I left the firm, the settlement fell apart and they put in another year.

      This is very different work from the stuff Rekers was peddling, but I can see a staff putting in $60K of research while preparing a report.

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