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View Diary: McCollum paid $60,000 to customer (256 comments)

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  •  The Professor's billing rate was 300/hour, (5+ / 0-)

    from what I have read.  I charge at least that much for my own time.  I have professional degrees in two different fields and nearly three decades of professional experience.

    I have billed several tens of thousands of dollars to function as an expert witness, but never 60k to one client.  However, I can easily imagine circumstances where an expert's tab could equal or exceed that.

    Apart from the years required to acquire expertise (education, on-the-job experience in a particular field), the bulk of the effort involved in being an expert witness is in pre-testimony prep work.... reviewing documents, visiting scenes where critical events took place, perhaps running computer simulations or mathematical analyses, etc., etc.

    Now, in this case, I do not know what the Professor did to justify that tab, so I am not defending his bill.  Nor am I defending the use of him as an expert witness.  Rather, I am just speaking to the general proposition of whether an expert could justifiably run up a $60k or greater tab.

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