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    You can make progress with people when you make arguments like:

    1. Oil costs us LOTS of money to procure, defend, transport, convert, refine, etc.
    1. Oil is used in EVERYTHING (look at your desktop and find five things that were not made using oil as an ingredient/catalyst/etc.); even if we eliminate the use of oil for fuel, heat, etc. we will still need it for fertilizers, plastics, medicines, etc.
    1. Oil is a vital strategic commodity...The least efficient way to use oil is to burn it, get 15% of its useful energy, then shoot the byproducts out a tailpipe never to be seen again, why are we wasting it?
    1. Oil is difficult to handle (see the recent hilarity of "wind spill reported at wind farm in CA")
    1. Oil is coming from increasingly difficult to operate environments and the cost of production is guaranteed to creep ever higher - pay me now or pay me later


    Money, things they use every day, these are the concepts people most readily identify with...IMHO

    A left-of-center blow-harded member of the goose-stepping blog-stapo since 2004.

    by floundericiousMI on Fri May 07, 2010 at 12:13:18 PM PDT

    •  Oil, strategic commodities, and framing (0+ / 0-)

      Given the strategic importance of oil you briefly mention, would it not make the most sense to leave "our" oil in the ground for as long as possible.  Let's deplete the Arabian fields, the central Asian fields, etc. while keeping "ours" for a rainy day?  We've already established doubling or tripling US production won't make a dent in gas prices.  The only upside lies in perception.  

      My hope of course is that our unexploited fields remain so as we transition to carbon-free energy sources.  But in the interests of maintaining a global position of dominance, drilling our own oil and natural gas  is just stupid since we KNOW it is a non-renewable resource and the disruptions of peak oil are probably no more than 20 years away.

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