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View Diary: The overwhelming support of immigration reform (146 comments)

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  •  Legal to come to US for work. Illegal to hire. (0+ / 0-)

    Put it ENTIRELY on the employers who are the real problem, luring people to US for cheap labor and then advocating harsh treatment for them to keep costs down and control easy.

    Mexicans want to come look for work, apply for visa which just gets security background check, and they can come look for work.

    If anyone hires them, EMPLOYER pays huge fine and pays worker four weeks wages at minimum wage plus all local and Federal payrolls taxes.  

    We would have to spend any money on enforcement as workers would be hiring themselves out and turning employers in for reward of a months pay.  Whatever money we did spend is covered by the fines on employers.

    That would be put an end to all the illegal immigration problems.

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