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  •  oh boy---- (none)
    On the plus side-it lets these people know that yes-there are real serious people who are not going to let them go on with life as usual-there are consequences to the right-wing agenda.  

    To that end I make myself clear-NO VIOLENCE.

    But these tactics have all been used against us, with no outcry, only encouragement and support from our leaders.  We have endured economic marginalization, media censorship, boycotts, we have been called treasonous, anti-American, our representatives receive little or no audience on the floor of Congress because the Republicans hold closed door sessions in violation of the law.  

    We are systematically targeted for consideration of harmful legislation and agency action against our collective interests.  

    We are called irreligious because we are not members of the state-sponsored Evangelical church.

    Our children are being taught faulty information regarding reproductive and sexual health, placing them at risk for death and disease.  They are being told to marry at young ages, placing them at high risk for divorce, domestic violence, and financial insolvency.

    They are attempting to design and devise a system that is unconstitutional, un-american, and based upon feudal land rights and moral obligation, rather than upon the firm foundation of Constitutionally protected rights and checks and balances against the concentration of power.

    •  first, let me state that I in no way (none)
      do I condone illegal acts. And those who commit them must be willing to suffer the consequences that exist in a nation of laws, such as ours.

      That said, I think it is time to look back to the 1970's and other eras in which civil disobedience was practiced or illegal acts undertaken and IMHO, made a difference - for ulitimate positive change.

      The Chicago Eight come to mind. Made a mockery of the judicial system and pointed out the illegalities being perpetrated by the Chicago police.

      And let's not forget Daniel Ellsberg. He had the courage to get the Pentagon papers and release them to the world.

      The Berrigan brothers - who spent plenty of time in jail.

      Soldiers and civilians are dying in Iraq. If it takes hacking and defacement to make people pay attention, that in itself, should be a wake up call to the American people.

      •  some other ideas (none)
        Boycotts, less spending, spending where it is going to support a cause, or those companies that contribute to the Democratic Party.

        Make copies of short news articles and staplegun or tape them to visible places, like telephone poles, bulletin boards at grocery stores, anywhere in public where those who are not getting the message can see.  

        Decorate with Blue. Buy a blue car, paint your house blue.   If you are an artist, use your talent to express the sentiment.  If you are a musician write a blues song and play it locally.

        Donate your old VCR tapes to the local library. Buy and donate a liberal book to the library.

        Start a liberal book club- get together talk about it, learn.

        Put anti-war flyers in the windshield wipers at the local Walmart.  

        Mail gifts to your representatives.   Be creative,  send piggy banks encouraging them to save, maybe a sympathy card for the death of Democracy, even still maybe a subscription to a liberal mag. Send them a live tree, because there won't be any left later on.

         Protest straight marriages at your local churches.  

        Uncover unsavory actions with camera in hand-of Republican hyprocrites.  It doesn't matter if its a low-level local guy, a pastor, or a national Republican figure.  Bet there's lots of action in Nevada to get pics of.  

        Business-invest green, blue, union, whatever-look at your portfolio and do some research.  

        At work, use a mug that says exactly what you mean!  Use a screensaver or wallpaper that expresses your political sentiment.  

        College investments-look at who your university pension is invested in and work for fair trade investments.

        Throw fundraising parties-  Every month have a party, or go to a party, ask for a small donation to send to the local or national Dems.

        Start a non-profit group to raise money for local candidates.

        Get out of debt.- When the shit hits the fan you will be better prepared, plus if you quit spending on chinese imports, those corporations that moved our jobs over there will have to pay the piper.

        Import substitution.  Learn to make do without or make your own.  Make something well, and then sell it on ebay.  Earn lots of money-and send some of it to your favorite cause.

        Reduce, recycle, reuse.

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