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View Diary: Top GOoPer says Bush's plan is dead (121 comments)

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  •  Do not drop the energy (4.00)
    Now is the time when we need to ramp up the pressure on EVERY member of Congress.

    They want this thing to go away for a while... let the heat subside. Don't let it.

    Either they are clearly for the social security of every American or they are not. Take the pledge or prepare to be hammered.

    Democratic Congressmen need to stop being Kerryesque pragmatists and play this up. Stand on the stairs outside Congress and firmly pronounce their resolve to fight to the last man to protect the social security of Americans.

    Bush throws this crap out there and everytime it doesn't stick onto the wall we just let it quietly die away. Why? Just once why not go in for the kill? If you strike down an opponent and then assume that they are dead, you deserve it when they hit you in the back of the head.

    Greetings from Ohio. Land of Jim Crow.

    by ignatz on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 08:39:30 AM PST

    •  You are so right (none)
      They will make everyone go through the sturm und drang, and then just do what they want in committee. Presto -- they have their cover for the next election and their privatization. We have to be extra-vigilant up until the very last second on this.

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