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  •  Emotional, crying, sad all weekend? (7+ / 0-)

    Let's see, you lost your brother. Your mother is developing terminal leukemia after two "minor" strokes that have altered her personality, and will probably not live another year. Your dog's days are numbered as well, and that number has fewer than four digits.  Then the Gulf spill metastasizes.  

    There would be more to worry about, in my unprofessional opinion, if you did NOT have a weekend full of tears and sighs every now and then.  

    Your reaction is perfectly normal and consistent with good mental health.  Going through grief sucks, but it is a normal and natural part of the life of any human and not a few animals.  If my last sentence annoys you, that is also quite normal and natural.

    Your grief is also uniquely yours, so don't worry too much about stages and timetables and what everyone else thinks.  


    2009: Year of the Donkey. Let's not screw it up.

    by Yamaneko2 on Sun May 09, 2010 at 03:49:00 PM PDT

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