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View Diary: Social Media: How the Campaigns Stack Up (60 comments)

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    So, then, why are the campaigns paying attention to them? Have the vast majority of campaigns just sort of gone crazy and started investing time and money in them despite the fact that they're meaningless?

    As I said, social media is neither the biggest factor in a campaign nor it is a non-factor. It is something we should be paying attention to as a way to drive online fundraising, identify and cultivate possible volunteers, and occasionally drive media narratives. From the perspective of a blogger, new media is also something that's measurable and visible from out of state when observers were assessing the efforts and efficacy the campaigns were making. But, yes, other things are more important. It's just that I never said they weren't and I'm not sure why you're intent on insisting I did.

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      the facesbook and twittery are like the dot com hype and silicon valley bubble and Y2K frenzy probably forgotten or never know by the current hype-makers.

      Campaigns attract a lot of money. There will be lots of ideas how to spend it. Some of them a total waste. Zuckerberg and Dorsey are probably hyping the political value for their advertising dollars.

      If blogs were that powerful there would have been single-payer health care or public option.

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