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View Diary: Black Ops in Venezuela? Very Deeply Troubling (213 comments)

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  •  Venezuala Attacks US Oil Company! (4.00)
    Harvest Natural Resources Inc., a U.S.- based oil and natural-gas exploration company that gets all of its revenue from Venezuela, suspended drilling in that country after the company's 2005 business plan was rejected by state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA. Harvest Natural shares fell as much as 36 percent.

    The suspension could affect production, earnings and cash flow this year if it's not overturned, Houston-based Harvest Natural said in a statement today. Harvest Natural, which operates the field for Petroleos de Venezuela, said the suspension involves seven wells that the company had hoped to drill at the South Monagas field to boost output.

    Shares of Harvest Natural fell $5.36 to $11.56 as of 12:42 p.m. in composite trading on the New York Stock Exchange. They fell as low as $10.80 in earlier trading.

    Obviously, Venezuala is Anti-American (Oil Companies) and is a serious threat to national security (of control of oil).

    This period of history will be called The Oil Wars.

    •  Chavez would be wise to move (4.00)
      quickly on revising Venezuela's oil contracts.  Get it all done while the US is bogged down in Iraq.  With Russia and China aligned with Venzuela, it will be far more dangerous for BushCo to attack Venezuela, at least in an overt way.
      •  Bogged down? (none)
        You think the US is not going to be bogged down anytime soon? I mean, we've got Iraq's elections, then their civil war, the undeclared wars on Syria and Iran. I think the US is going to be bogged down for quite some time.
        •  Never underestimate (4.00)
          Bush/Cheney/Rove.  Simple rule that has served me well for over four years and I don't see any reason to abandon it now (only wish more liberals would adopt it).

          The only thing holding them back at the moment is insufficient troop levels and a sustained national support for a war economy.  Neither seem all that difficult to change.

          •  With what army? (none)
            You hit the nail on the head -- we do not have any spare boots on the ground for a major Venezuelan invasion/occupation. And, given the Iraqmire, that basic fact will be "difficult to change."

            So the Bushites will try more CIA/NED coups, which if even momentarily successful, will murder Chavez and thousands of his supporters this time.

            Of course, Chavez knows this and has moved to solidify his support within the military (no rerun of Chile here) and neutralize the oligarchic opposition, not always in a way that accords with the notional American concepts of democracy and a free press, but the guy is fighting for his life.

            And, unlike Bush, he was elected and re-elected in relatively honest elections.

            The most important election of everyone's lifetime.

            by devtob on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 08:08:17 PM PST

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        •  Venezuela (4.00)
          From what I have seen, the US has no real interest in winning this "war" anymore. The sole interest was access to cheap oil or even better, free oil.

          I have a feeling that since the Muslims proved to be too difficult to intimidate and dominate, our Middle East plans will be put on hold. Solution(1): Cut and Run. Reasoning: We must let the Iraqis decide their futures themselves. Solution(2): Install another friendly dictator and wallow in cheap oil for helping him get power and money.

          Since we only rob oil-rich countries too weak to defend themselves, wait for the escalation of the rhetoric of why we must attack Venezuela and remove the present tyrant to "protect" the downtrodden poor of that country. The American "fair & balanced" media probably ready and just waiting for the signal from their handlers. All for the good of the foreign poor, you understand?

          As is customary, we will all grumble and complain but will not do anything to stop the march of King Kong (he will no longer be "chimpy" - not after the coronation). Either that or because we prefer to turn a blind eye to what is being done to preserve our gluttonous lifestyles. "We don't like it but we will live with it attitude" that I find too prevalent in what I used to proudly call "My Country".

          I bet we attack Venezuela before Iran or Syria. North Korea never was and never will be on the agenda. What bully takes on a kid who could fight back?

        •  we don't need to invade Venezuela to destroy it (none)
          The Bushies have been waging war on Venezuela for years now. It has been a covert war. We already did the attempted coup. The vote of confidence was engineered by foriegn conglomerates and a foreign press. Venezuela is very isolated geographically and geopolitically, their economy is not stable, their are many disparate socio-economic groups that do not see eye to eye.

          The Bushes are not alone in this. The American gov't has been complicit in many crimes against the people of Venezuela since WWII and the discovery its vast oil fields.... Before that it was gold gold gold...

          There are always two parties; the establishment and the movement. -Emerson

          by coconutjones on Thu Jan 20, 2005 at 06:39:46 AM PST

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      •  Didn't stop him before (none)
        With Russia and China aligned with Venzuela, it will be far more dangerous for BushCo to attack Venezuela, at least in an overt way

        Umm...Iraq had deals with Russia and France in place, that did not stop Bush.

        Though, I think Bush would be wise not to poo-poo on China too much. China holds much of our debt, they can sink our economy at will (BTW -- how did we beat the USSR? According the Republicans we caused them to drive thier economy into the ground. Isn't China still Communist?  Wasn't China part of the Cold War?)

    •  On Latin America (none)
      Harvest National = US Fruit?

      It works, at least in a symbolic sense.

      Liquidtoast Blogl
      "Hell is other people at breakfast" - Sartre

      by Aurostion on Thu Jan 20, 2005 at 07:24:09 AM PST

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