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  •  1954 CIA coup in Guatemala (4.00)
    In 1954, the CIA toppled the democratically-elected Arbenz government of Guatemala.  United Fruit Company had complained about a land reform law that would have acquried fallow land from United Fruit, while paying it what it had stated the land was worht for tax purposes.

    The Agrarian Reform law was labeled "communist," and the dye was cast.  Guatemala suffered through a series U.S.-backed military dictators who killed tens of thousands of its owne people in order to stay in power.  The UN Truth Commission found that over 200,000 civilians were killed and that the Guatemalan military caused 93% of the deaths.

    Now, Venezuela.  It is their government.  We should leave it alone.  

    •  A lot of that land in Guaqtemala (4.00)
      was owned by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles (the brother of CIA Chief Allen  Dulles of Bay of Pigs fame -- we told you, not to worry, it's Slam Dunk)) and John's law firm clients. (Why does this all sound so familiar? It makes by head and soul hurt.)

      Btw, John Foster was also famous for refusing to shake hands with the North Vietnamese  diplomats at the BIG  Power  settlement in Geneva in 1954 after the US agreed to peaceful election in Vietna for 1956.

      By the way, Fidel and Che were IN Guatemala ( and getting out AS QUICKLY AS THEY COULD during the CIA overthrow of Arbenz in 1954.  Oh wjat a busy year.

      •  Che was in Guatemala in 1954 (4.00)
        The CIA overthrow of Arbenz that year was the catalyst for radicalizing the young doctor, who up until that point in time was just trying to figure how to get a medical position helping the poor in rural Guatemala.

        After the coup, he went to Mexico City and met  Fidel.

        Needless to say, the coup created major-league blowback.  Rebublicans think all military actions will end up in neat, tidy resolutions.  It ain't happened that way before, it ain't happening that way in Iraq now, and ain't gonna be the result of any attempt to oust Chavez.  

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