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View Diary: Black Ops in Venezuela? Very Deeply Troubling (213 comments)

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  •  In Fairness to Bushco . . . (4.00)
    Bushco has attempted, and no doubt will again attempt, to unseat President Chavez NOT because he was democratically elected (although there is some concern and disapproval that Venezuela did not use election equipment by Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia, and thus too many of the votes actually cast were COUNTED).

    Rather, it is because Venezuela (like many of those pesky Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries) deviously managed to get OUR OIL underneath THEIR LAND.  Commie bastards.

    So, while we don't object in principle to a government democratically elected by its people, when the country in question HAS SHIT WE WANT, like oil or other natural resources, well they'd better let us plunder them, or we're gonna wrap them suckers around the Axis of Evil, and yelp, "Let's Roll!" as we put their balls inna wringer!!!

    All Republicans and most Democrats are in the service of corporations that act as international pirates and thieves.  By terror, threats, invasions, assassinations, bribery, the rigging of elections and so forth, Amerikills (TM) maintains in power, at all costs, governments throughout the world (at least wherever we can) that sell out their own populations' economic interests, and their countries' natural resources, to US corporations on favorable terms.

    The Democrats are a little sheepish about this, and indeed most Americans of all stripes don't want to fully appreciate the extent to which our standard of consumption and "the American Way of Life" (which per Dick Cheney is "not negotiable") is based on violence, repression and theft.

    If everyone thought about it really seriously, the Unabomber would start looking pretty sane, although I ain't advocating sending bombs to anyone, no sir.

    The Republicans, however, aren't ashamed at all.  That's why they are perceived as having bigger dicks, and they attract more beta males and sexually active females to their standards.  They're serving Red Meat, and non-corporatist Dems are seen as offering only watery soy products.  The Repugs' motto:  "THE POOR OF THE WORLD.  IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER."

    The young, beer-soused stud in his hummer, the sexy suburban housewife in her massive SUV, they don't really want to cut back on their petroleum consumption.  Consciously or subconsciously, a lot of the Repugs' appeal is based on a tacit understanding that they're more prepared to kill for money than the Dems are.

    Shit ain't much changed since medieval kings plundered, ostensibly for Jesus, and the knights and peasants exercised such influence as they had in choosing rulers in favor of those who could deliver the booty.

    •  wow! (none)
      simply magnificent rant. thank you for this.
    •  Good stuff (none)
      Best rant I've read all day!!

      You, sir, are an artist...

      •  Shucks, fellahs (4.00)
        Thanks for the kind remarks, but I ain't spewing art here.

        It's 1 part prophecy, the Holy One ranting through his lowly servant, plus four parts bile.

        I have two beautiful daughters, and I am past fifty.  I feel this is in moral terms an ugly shithole for them to grow up in, and for me to get old in.

        I've always hated fascism, and fascists.  Ain't gonna stop, either.

    •  So... (4.00)
      in other words,

      -- buy a hybrid vehicle;
      -- dump American dollar denominated stocks in companies;
      -- look into alternative energy for home heating;

      and do it NOW, pronto, before this crap hits the fan.

      The largest supplier of gasoline to the U.S. is Venezuela, if memory serves.  (And I mean gasoline, versus crude.)

      Note the graph found at following link reflecting oil imports from Venezuela: (hope this can be believed; it's DOE info, who knows if it's manipulated?)

      We are sooo screwed if this blows up.

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