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  •  When companies do bad things (4.00)
    we boycott them to send a message. Our national regime is so tied up in oil. And it's doing really bad things. Isn't it time to boycott oil?

    Cesar Chavez (Calif. farmworker activist, presumably no relation to Hugo) led the 1960s(?) boycott on table grapes. Many agriculturalists were doing bad things by workers, but the grape growers were the worst. It took only 10 or 15% consumer compliance with the boycott to make a difference and improve conditions and treatment of workers. And Chavez et al said, buying wine is ok, and buying raisins is ok, just don't by grapes -- it wasn't even a 'purist' boycott -- and it of course was ignored by the other 85% or 90% -- but it made a difference.  

    Isn't it high time we cut our own, personal purchasing and use of oil? Many people naysay this, but I think we are at the earliest, denial stages of our oil addiction/detox/recovery, as activists and as a country. Kerry's plan for energy independence said some really good things -- naturally, we simultaneously need an Apollo-type plan to change how our economy and our transportation works. But, meantime, can't we cut our oil use? Isn't it our personal responsibility?

    Reality - Humanity - Sustainability

    by Em on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 02:57:30 PM PST

    •  I remember this (4.00)
      No lettuce, no grapes for our family. Our Presbyterian church was one a them activist churches, y'know.  Kind of like we need big time, today.

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