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  •  years and years ago, (4.00)
    when the coup in Chile happened.. a guy I used to know in NYC, a young leftie  filmmaker/documentarist (who had made a pretty good piece about Cesar Chavez called 'Huelga') was murdered down there.  Fellow by the name of Charles Horman.  Costa Gravas made a movie about him, remember? called 'Missing'   But of course, way before the movie, we all knew--- everybody in what used to be called 'the movement'--  I didn't know him very very well, he wasn't an intimate friend or anything-- but I spent a couple of evenings with him and his wife, in a group.  He was a very skinny, mild-mannered, bespectacled guy.  Not the sort of person you'd ever expect to end up in a situation like that.  But he was quietly, unpresuming(ly), heroic. I mean, when history took a big bump right in front of his eyes, he didn't flinch. He tried to document it.

    Isn't it funny that these bozos who all in their youth loathed and dispised everything about the sixties-- GWB, Cheney, Rove, all of them-- from the music to the demonstrations, all of it-- have ended up creating the same sort of social turmoil?   Trying to erase it, repair it, they have recreated it.

    "God help the political system in which a thoroughly addled sovereign is faced with a real crisis." Anatole Lieven, Carnegie Endowment for Peace

    by Tulip on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 04:11:17 PM PST

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    •  They are trying to eradicate (none)
      terrorists and are succeeding in creating an entire social strata of terrorists to threaten and kill Americans for ages to come.  All of these Cheney-Rove schmucks were too chicken shit to put on a uniform, but now they are damned-well ready to have our children cut to pieces so they can get fat.  Maybe they think they are just too smart for all of the rules that the rest of us dumb fuckers have to live by.  They can just skirt all those inconvenient guidelines that keep the rest of us animals in our cages.  I am really sick of these lying bastards.  Does it show?

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