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  •  And Pakistan (none)
    Look at a map. I read a briefing document from the Repubs at the start of Bush's first term and the plan was laid out to cut a swath from the Mediterranean through to India. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan make up the rest of that path. We've already gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe Iran is next. Syria will be cowed, as likely will Pakistan. It's about carving a trade route to one of the largest nations in the world, by population.
    •  Marco Polo? (none)
      Since when does the United States need a land route from Europe to India, when the former hates us and the latter has more ports than the new iMac?  Didn't Christopher Columbus show us a new way?

      I think we have massive interests in South Asia -- both economically and in terms of the impact that a nuclear confrontation there would have.  But I don't think the Bushies see that, nor do I think they'll do anything about it.  We don't need to occupy countries where we're propping up a dictator (Musharraf)-- and besides, once we occupy Pakistan we have absolutely no excuse for not catching Bin Ladin!

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