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View Diary: Black Ops in Venezuela? Very Deeply Troubling (213 comments)

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  •  carlyle is threatened (none)
    by anyone in a position to sell oil outside the control of the bush-saudis/opec.

    this is why we fought two wars in iraq- saddam hussein refused to be controlled by the bush-saudis.

    and this is why venezuela is a threat- they will sell their oil outside bush-saudi control.

    •  ps (none)
      please understand the first thing we did in occupied iraq.

      before we even had the CPA running, we put iraq back into opec.

      not a word of question in the u.s. media about this.

      none asked: "wait a minute- how is this in our interests, to strengthen opec? how is it even in iraq's interests? (best thing for a country is to have an OPEC out there but not be a member)"

      nobody asked. the crime of the century.

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