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View Diary: Black Ops in Venezuela? Very Deeply Troubling (213 comments)

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  •  Don't make the classic mistake of the left... (none)
    in fawning over someone just because he is anti-American.  Just because he won the vote doesn't mean he is a friend of democracy (cf. Putin).  Chavez makes me uncomfortable - he re-wrote the constitution to give himself more power, he undermined all the institutions of civil society not bound to him... Granted, many of those institutions were tools of the status quo, of the oligarchy, but that doesn't mean that their demise is a good thing.  In addition, he has done his share of union-busting in the case of PdVSA (the state-owned oil company).

    In addition, although Chavez has made extravagent promises to the poor, but not delivered on them.  It's important to have an enemy to make your supporters feel marginalized (cf. What's the Matter with Kansas).  

    I don't trust Chavez.  I come from the small country 7 miles offshore (Trinidad and Tobago); although the border dispute was solved around 1990 (most people say we got a bad deal then), Chavez has brought the issue up again.  He isn't Bush, he was elected by the people, but I don't think he is the friend of democracy either.

    In addition, in defense of the Venezuelan middle class, they aren't the ones with the entrenched power either.  That's the upper class.  The middle class are the small businessmen, the professionals, the white collar workers, teachers.  We aren't talking about the elites - they shipped their money and their children out of the country when Chavez was elected.  

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