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View Diary: Sen. Leahy: Obama could nominate Moses, GOP would demand his birth certificate (133 comments)

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  •  It's not their call re: what about (15+ / 0-)

    her personal life she considers of public interest.

    "[R]ather high-minded, if not a bit self-referential"--The Washington Post.

    by Geekesque on Mon May 10, 2010 at 01:35:24 PM PDT

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    •  True, but it's another matter entirely when there (0+ / 0-)

      is still concerted oppression of LGBT people, and intense pressure to remain publicly closeted if you are in government or entertainment. To ignore the initial response from the WH on this issue is a problem. Ironically, it is connected to the very manner the party has gone about LGBT rights and issues since they gained power.

      From what I have read it is understood that Ms. Karlan is a Lesbian, and as a Gay man I want to see people in power who are honest. It empowers the community and impacts public opinion. I will be the first one to say I was wrong if Ms. Karlan is not a Lesbian, but otherwise, my opinion stands. We need LGBT people to be honest because there is nothing wrong with being Gay and by being honest we liberate ourselves.

      As of now each out and proud person in our government does in fact matter.

      •  I haven't been paying much I attention so (1+ / 0-)
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        it is quite possible that I missed something. Could you please say:

        1. How do you know Ms. Kagan is gay? Did she say she was?
        1. If Ms. Kagan herself has not come out and openly proclaimed her sexual orientation, why is it any business of ours? Why is it being discussed? Why is it an issue?
        1. You said, "To ignore the initial response from the WH on this issue is a problem." What issue are you referring to? What response are you referring to?
        1. For someone who has appointed more openly gay and transgender people to positions within his administration, I don't think there's any "concerted oppression" coming from him or his administration.

        And just for your information, there are over 100 "out and proud person[s] in our government" since Obama took office: From a March 28 On Top Magazine article announcing openly lesbian Georgetown University Law Professor Chai Feldblum appointment to commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

        In January, Denis Dison, vice president of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a group that promotes openly gay elected officials, told On Top Magazine that the Obama administration is on track to setting a new record on appointing openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender officials.
        “Obama has appointed about 100 openly LGBT staff to the executive branch in his first year in office,” Dison said in an email. “[President] Clinton appointed about 140 over 8 years.”
        “Obama is certainly on track to set a record in this regard,” he added.

        And since that appointment:

        In an historic move, President Obama this month nominated an openly gay person, Edward DuMont, to a federal appeals court judgeship—the first such openly gay nomination at that level. He also becomes the first openly gay man to be nominated to a federal judgeship.

        "John McCain has rounded up and deported his principles." --- Jonathan Alter, Newsweek.

        by marabout40 on Mon May 10, 2010 at 03:12:00 PM PDT

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      •  I'd only care about her being a lesbian (0+ / 0-)

        if she were speaking against gay rights, gay marriage, gays in the military--which she isn't.  I DO think it owuld be a plus if she is a lesbian because it would make the court more diverse.

        The last time we mixed religion and politics people got burned at the stake.

        by irishwitch on Mon May 10, 2010 at 03:22:13 PM PDT

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