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View Diary: Eco Homes for NOLA's Lower 9th Ward in Katrina Recovery (86 comments)

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  •  made me think of earthships (13+ / 0-)

    and the wonderful work they are doing now in Haiti
    Haiti Disaster Relief: Earthships

    We intend to vault and dome over the double insulated tent structures thus turning them into permeant structures using skills that are easy to learn and already existent to some degree in these areas. These more permanent structures will then continue to use the Earthship utility systems already put in place during the period of basic double insulated tent use. The bottom line here is immediate shelter with independent utility systems that evolves into permeant structures with independent utility systems.
    If this technology were to spread all over the country of Haiti, it would reduce the need for expensive infrastructure and empower the people of Haiti through skills, employment and being in command of their own shelter and destiny.

    Just imagine if something like this had been in place in NOLA....

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