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View Diary: 3 Out Of 4 Americans Agree: Preventing Pregnancy Is Preventive Care (119 comments)

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    Sharoney, CherryTheTart

    I still believe that the reasoning is really poor in making a distinction. If you're taking temperature measurements and observing cervical mucus, then you are taking an affirmative action to avoid getting pregnant. I don't see that as any different from any other sort of birth control method (particularly barrier methods, but also IUDs which appear to basically have the same mode of action as NFP/FAM). The only way you can draw a distinction is in totally arbitrary ways, which is why I think that all of that reasoning is really just a post-hoc justification for a "gut" judgment by a few old men in the church.

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      The reason Paul didn't decide to accept the Commission's report and OK the pill was that he would have overturned the teachings of prior Popes and therefore made believers question all papal teachings. Of course, it seems that promulgating an unpopular teaching had the same effect, so...

      And a funny thing is if you read conservative Catholic sites (which I sometimes do for the humor--they're freaking nuts), is that they like to twist themselves up, complaining that one can only use NFP for grave reasons and then trying to make those grave reasons as narrow as possible, even though their church doesn't do that, indeed when the word of the old rhythm method first came to the attention of the Vatican their only response was well, as long as nothing else is being done to prevent pregnancy.

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        cermakRd, Larin

        Among the really conservative Catholics, who I agree are nuts, I think their support for these policies is more of a reflection of a general anti-sex bias. They can't stand the fact that modern science has brought sex under people's control so that they can freely enjoy it without becoming parents to 20 kids. They almost revel in self-deprivation and self-misery, and they want everyone else to be as miserable as they are.

        But more broadly, I often get the feeling when I read Catholic doctrine that it's all one giant "retcon". In other words, I think they often make up after-the-fact explanations for decisions they made in the past when they didn't have as much information or cultural norms were different, instead of just admitting that things change, societies change, and human knowledge grows constantly. Rather than embrace the benefits of changing modern science, they twist themselves into logical knots so that they can avoid admitting that they were ever wrong about anything. (Kind of like the old Star Trek explanation for why the Klingons in TOS looked different from the Klingons in TNG). This is key to creating a massive and enduring mythology as they have done. I respect the fact that the Church at least attempts to reconcile new ideas into their doctrine (unlike a lot of fundie churches, which just happily ignore the internal contradictions in their beliefs) but often the "reconciliation" is really just at the surface. This leads to really byzantine and legalistic doctrines that often choke off logical dissent rather than serving the human race.

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