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View Diary: 3 Out Of 4 Americans Agree: Preventing Pregnancy Is Preventive Care (119 comments)

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  •  abortion is a way to not give birth to a baby; (0+ / 0-)

    pregnancy followed by childbirth is a way to give birth to a baby, so there is an inherent problem with comparing pregnancy which a woman chooses to end with an abortion to pregnancy which a woman welcomes because she wants to have a child.

    There are many ways to not give birth to a baby:

    1. You can be physically incapable of childbirth (a male person or an infertile female)
    1. You can choose not to have sex. Sometimes males rape you, so #2 is not a choice you can always reliably make.
    1. You can use birth control. Unfortunately, birth control is not always effective.
    1. You may initially want to give birth to a baby, and later, after becoming pregnant, change your mind about this. This can happen because of your health, your fetus' health, or for other reasons.

    So if you have become pregnant because option 2 or 3 has been ineffective, or option 4 has occurred, you find yourself in the position of wishing to not give birth to a baby.

    For women who do not want to give birth to a child, pregnancy is bad, and an abortion which ends the pregnancy is only "good" because it is better for the woman herself than the alternative of giving birth to a child. I doubt there are many women who would prefer to have had an abortion to terminate a pregnancy than to have never become pregnant in the first place.

    Being pregnant and deciding that you do not wish to give birth to and/or care for a baby and child for 18 years is very different from being pregnant and wishing to give birth to a baby, and comparing the two situations and saying that one is safer than the other and therefore "good" is just silly.

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