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  •  Lets Please Not Degrade (0+ / 0-)

    I don't know if you have ever worked in an industry that is so demanding that is so physically demanding that when you go home you can't even think straight and all you can do is lay down and veg out, but if you did, you or definitely many of the people you work with have lost touch with the world. And it is these people that care nothing of politics because they feel disenfranchised or feel that it is a bunch of nonsense.

    They're tired. They're worn out. They're exhausted. They're drained. When I worked in a couple of these places, all I did was eat, sleep, and work. And as politically focused as I am, I even found myself skipping some elections. And I would like to tell you that if I'm skipping elections because of my situations, then there is something seriously wrong with our system.

    I would also like to add, that most people I know, know that I am very politically knowledgeable, but I couldn't tell you right now how to do Early Voting. So do you think that these other people who only want to veg out or relax with their kids know the first thing about Early Voting.

    •  You Said... (0+ / 0-)

      when they are not working or stressing they would prefer to spend their time with their friends and family rather than sift and study the nasty political culture we live in.

      If they are too tired to decide on who to vote and vote on a Saturday during Early Voting, why do you think they would vote on a national holiday instead of "spend time with their friends and family"?

      And... I have worked at physically demanding jobs for many years.  Hard labor is not unknown to me.

      •  Sorry about the Confusion, You mis-read my diary (0+ / 0-)

        The proposal actually states of NO holiday. I actually agree with you that many people would still not vote even if it was a national holiday simply because most people are disgusted with politics and are disenfranchised.

        The proposal actually states that voters would receive a stimulus refund after voting to lessen the blows of employer intimidation and just plain being overworked and too tired.

        It would also do something else. It will bring out to the polls the people who actually build this country and make it tick.

        We are so disgusted with people in Congress who talk about change and progress and standing up to bullies only to be hoodwinked in the end. I feel the reason we keep getting these cronies is because the voting bloc that actually votes, like these cronies because the keep the status quo. However, with a new and energized voting bloc, the status quo will have to change.

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