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View Diary: UPDATE 2 Bayh co-sponsors 'Healthy Marriages' Act with... Santorum! (91 comments)

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  •  Bob... (none) one of those people who would not cite Bayh for doing a single good thing if he found the man saving orphans from a burning building.

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    by demburns on Wed Jan 19, 2005 at 05:44:19 PM PST

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    •  This is very wrong. (4.00)
      Perhaps you can support this crap.

      But it's crap.

      Defend away.  I'm waiting to read your pending brilliance on this.

      •  I beg your pardon (none)
        I'm not defending this spending program.  I have no problem with supporting healthy marriages and responsible fatherhood, nor would I automatically have a problem with programs designed to boost these things.  But that doesn't mean I support this program.  I don't have enough information about this program to support or oppose it, other than that it is an expensive, unfunded mandate from Santorum.  I was hoping you would do a better job of turning my general suspicions about such a program into stronger negative feelings backed up by some strong arguments.  Sorry if I was unclear.
    •  By the way... (4.00)
      How does johnny's first comment in this diary merit a 1?

      Here is what he wrote:

      You are so wrong (2.50 / 2)

      Bayh is not a sock puppet of the DLC.  He says those things because he really believes them.

      By giving johnny a 1 for that comment, are you arguing that Bayh doesn't really believe what he says?

      Just curious...

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