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View Diary: Live Q & A: Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune (66 comments)

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    No we certainly don't think this is worth losing CAA or the EPA's ability to regulate. We may not get to 350 with this bill, that's clear. But we shouldn't give up some of the effective tools that we already have just for the chance to set a cap and price on carbon. WE should be adding to our toolbox, not reducing it.

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      my fear was that the Sierra Club, which I am a member, would support the bill "as is".

      I've been following your blog and responses to the Gulf Spill, and I've been heartened to see a strong advocate and not a "corporate green". Thank you!

      Even this statement made me a little scared, as if you were hedging:

      "The Sierra Club is a democratic institution that carefully reviews major legislation before we support or oppose. We will not make that kind of a decision until we have a more final draft. For now we are working with our members to develop a strategy to strengthen this legislation. "

      It's good to see where you stand.

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