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View Diary: A Possible Opening for U.S. Peace Efforts in the Middle East (205 comments)

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  •  But how can I ... I said I wasn't going (0+ / 0-)

    down that road. Oh and for the "racist demography arguments"... Israeli M.K.'s and Libya's Qadaffi make them too. Here let me enlighten you

    The Israeli Arab MK voiced criticism of Israel's settlement policy in the West Bank as "emptying the two-state solution of all meaning."

    In response, Gadhafi told the MKs that a "human explosion is stronger than nuclear weapons", advising them to have as many children as possible.

    ......In a text message to Haaretz, MK Taleb Al-Sana described the meeting, which took place in a tent in the city of Surt, as "wonderful."

    That silly Moammar using racist demographic terms with those Palestinian MK's - I know they raised an out..... oh wait... no they didn't.

    "No Groin.... No Krav Maga" - The Simpsons

    by volleyboy1 on Thu May 13, 2010 at 02:04:19 PM PDT

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