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View Diary: Why President Obama Should Ban Offshore Drilling (297 comments)

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  •  This is proactive? (0+ / 0-)

    I commend President Obama for taking proactive action with the MMS

    The President is hardly being proactive, slinkerwink. At best, he's sugar-coating corruption and out-of-control corporate infiltration of federal agencies that has created havoc with public expectations of national security. Too "cozy"? Seriously? Cozy? I think our Founding Fathers and Mothers would have called it illegal rather than coziness.

    We dialoged before the election about the effort necessary to debug and cleanse the government of Bush/Cheney staff, contracts, strategic plans still in implementation and roll-out. That has not happened, at least not publicly.

    This is the result of  lck f aggressive investigations and prosecutions over K-street and no public awareness of the investigations and details of corruption in Interior.

    Reasonable people can assume the same detritus and outlandish risk in every federal agency.

    We need a post-Bush/Cheney special prosecutor to unearth the ticking time bombs and then get around to non-political, tangible accountability.

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