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View Diary: Numb and Number: The Draconian State(s) of America (22 comments)

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  •  Blasphemy you doomer! (7+ / 0-)

    Don't worry, be happy!

    Turn that frown upside down!

    GDP is up.

    Unemployment is down.

    A trillion here, a trillion there,

    trillions of dollars everywhere!

    The Oil in the gulf, it'll all go away,

    let's not worry, until some other day.

    The CO2 is in the air, but it's nothing to see;

    Let's go fill up the tank, of our SUV!

    The future will be fine, with our heads in the sand,

    Lets sing Kumbaya, and all hold hands.

    Stop wishing for bad luck, and start knocking on wood,

    The bad is behind us, and ahead it's all good.

    Don't look at the bad, don't hear what they say,

    The glass is all full, and the sun shines all day.

    Keep our attitude positive, and a smile on our face,

    The good times keep coming, from all over the place.

    The world is so bountiful, the supply never ends,

    Let's get out our credit cards, and spend spend spend!

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