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  •  Hanabusa (0+ / 0-)

    Let's see, other than proposing minimal tax increases on the rich, with an 80% Democratic senate majority Hawaii schools became the only in the nation to furlough over two weeks of instruction. She also put a notoriously anti-gay bigot on the committee that voted on Civil Unions, so it didn't make it out of committee and she refused to bring it to a whole chamber vote which she could have done. She gave herself and her Senate buddies a massive raise recently. She is part of the old boys network which is machine politics at its worst. If she is such an amazing pro-union person than why are state employees suffering massive pay cuts with furloughs and layoffs? She's awful. I almost want her to win just so she's out of the state and can stay away and become another powerless ineffectual congressperson. Case is awful too and has a well established far right (for a Democrat) record. The whole thing is unfortunate because Abercrombie has been pretty progressive and is one of the only decent politicians in this race. I wish he hadn't stepped down.

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