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View Diary: The Goalposts are Moving in the Middle-East (I/P) - Support Senator Feinsteins Efforts for Peace (346 comments)

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    •  don't you have (3+ / 0-)
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      corvo, Anorish, General Choomin

      anything more current? are we diving into the archives now, 06 06 06 07?

      i'm sensing a real sense of going off the rails from certain factions here in dkos land. say what you will about feinstein, i could care less. but i live here in the bay area and her reputation is shot to shit w/progressives.

      friendlystranger comment says it all

      Feinstein is a rabid neolib warmonger . . .

      •  Does it really matter? (4+ / 0-)

        I was just diving into an old post I made some time back that had some of his greatest hits, but it seems peculiar to me that you would take issue with pointing out a user's rank bigotry.

        I don't really care all that much about Feinstein one way or another.

        •  what about (2+ / 0-)
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          corvo, General Choomin

          don't you have anything more current? sounds like i'm taking issue w/it. i was just diving thru this comment section and came upon your 'research' used as another ad homimen to divert from the topic.

          i'm taking issue w/you using crap from 4 years ago. seriously, don't you have anything more current?

          I don't really care all that much about Feinstein one way or another.

          obviously. you're just following mr smear himself and his cohort mz manners to turn the conversation into a ad hominem flamefest since this ads so much to volley's thread and obviously he could care less if you, paul or cg take it off topic.

          ps, if this is too much for you, you could always accuse me of stalking.

          •  Sure (2+ / 0-)
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            JNEREBEL, volleyboy1

            Here's something from last month. Something from this month. Why that matters is something only you can decide, but I don't know why you'd take up for a bigot who refers to the "Dreidelcrat" wing of the Democratic Party.

            •  you are choosing (0+ / 0-)

              to ignore what i am saying. i wanted something current not links for 4 years ago and why that matters to me should speak for itself. furthermore i read the thread from top to bottom and had not even intercepted that other comment yet. and third, you can blather about 'taking up' all you want, it will never make a reality and forth since this is the second time you have referenced that "Dreidelcrat" comment i thought i'd mention how i reacted to it when i read it.

              the gaza massacre hit me like a wall. that is when i learned what a driedel was. i will never ever ever ever hear that word without remembering what a Hanukkah gift that massacre was to the people of israel as some picniced on hillsides witnessing that slaughter. and all the support it got from our politicians, and how my own government condemned the human rights reports about war crimes. that's about how far i got before i started scrollong as opposed to synthesizing the insult, synthesizing  06 vs 08 synthesizing  a holiday treat w/a massacre synthesizing  something sacred w/an insult synthesizing  synthesizing  synthesizing  synthesizing  an hr for an insult vs the fury i feel towards every single person who supported that massacre. don't even get me started because the rage i felt when i saw that word far outweighed any and all other i scrolled.

              take up? take up? TAKE UP? who are you to even talk to me about what or who i take up with, the audacity! i come on these threads everyday knowing who and what you 'take up with' day in and day out. i'll be the judge of what disgusts me more while you go uprating slime on this diary.

              oh, btw..thanks for the current links! i'm sure it pleased you for the opportunity to do what you and all your cohorts take part in constantly.

        •  Apparenlty, it's immature of us to keep (5+ / 0-)

          harping on about the things that people have written 5 months ago. (At least that's what I brought up the issue of someone's past words). I hate to think what you would be called for bringing things up from 4 years ago!

          Buffy: "Your logic does not resemble our earth logic" Xander: "Mine is much more advanced". BtVS, The Wish.

          by Fire bad tree pretty on Thu May 27, 2010 at 07:10:48 PM PDT

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