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    where I used to work as a cashier at my son's uncle's convenience store about 17 years ago in the 'hood. You could tell these certain people who would linger around and pick up cigarette butts off the parking lot somehow didn't belong in that neighborhood. It was the kind of neighborhood under siege by the cops and the "war on drugs" and every young black male in the area was feeling the heat. These old, white people who looked very ragged, deranged and pitiful were there in the backdrop of crack, prostitution and inner city hopelessness and I used to wonder how the hell they got there and why is everyone without hope seemingly airlifted to our community to rot and fester and wander the streets. The kind of place where serial killers have houses that reek of dead black women and nobody does anything until they find the first body and then later, 11 more hidden in the floorboards. Anthony Sowell thrived in that kind of place.

    I think those poor, elderly, mentally ill folks were living in some place designated "assisted living". There was all sorts of twittering and gossiping (literal, not internet) about the place they lived but nobody knew for sure. I heard people say somebody was taking their checks and not even giving them enough for cigarettes. (Cigarettes were $2.00 in those days). It was true because they would smoke old butts from the ground. I can only imagine the lack of nutrition they must have been suffering.

    It all comes from the same place. An America that doesn't care about it's poor and disadvantaged children or it's elderly, mentally ill and homeless. The hovels of despair created as a result of America's apathy ends up being a magnet for all sorts of people down on their luck. Scoundrels take advantage of those situations and those people. My children were poisoned by lead paint because some slumlord was able to dodge inspectors for 20 years until my baby went to the doctor with an unexplained fever. The Board of Health came down on that slumlord. Definitely get the BOH involved. I think that's your first step.

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