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  •  the biggest reason (4+ / 0-)

    is that I have a fundamental problem with mandatory sentencing for drug usage, and I'm in favor of ending the war on drugs and legalizing everything. So, if mandatory sentencing has actually reduced violent crime, that's going to be frustrating.

    But I know that there is more to the incarceration story that just mandatory sentencing.

    And I definitely agree with you that good data analysis should drive public policy. So I'll have to adjust my views accordingly.

    •  There's a difference between harsh sentences (6+ / 0-)

      for something that not everybody thinks should even be illegal, like selling or possessing drugs, and harsh sentences for things that everybody agrees must be crimes, like robbery, rape, assault, and murder.

      So don't let the specifics of the drug war get in the way of rational consideration of criminal policy in other areas. They don't have to be connected in that way.

      Of course, ending drug prohibition would reduce the level of a lot of other crimes, as well... but that has nothing at all to do with the appropriate punishment for those crimes that would occur after repeal.

      Even if all drugs were legalized tomorrow, we would still have violent criminals, albeit fewer of them, and we would still have to decide what to do with them.


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      by Leftie Gunner on Tue May 18, 2010 at 02:03:05 PM PDT

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