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  •  It's a sacred cow to ME? (0+ / 0-)

    The NRA wants discharged mental patients to be able to buy machine guns and you're saying restricting gun ownership is a sacred cow to ME? Gun worship is like a religion or a cult for many people in this country. I think it's ridiculous.

    The point of the diary was exactly what you now claim it wasn't: that gun laws in MA have not been effective. You are right when you say that gun crime and violent crime decreased steeply in MA during the 90s, WHEN THEY HAD MANDATORY REGISTRATION OF FIREARMS AND SERIOUS PENALTIES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE. The fact that a couple of categories of crime trended slightly upwards over the past 10 years is no evidence at all that tweaks to the law enacted in 1998 made the MA laws ineffective, and certainly no evidence that the general law is ineffective.

    And here's the example of a law that the diarist decries as excessive interference with the rights of gun owners:

    "Patrick’s bill, stuck in the Judiciary Committee, would restrict lawful gun owners to one purchase per month and prohibit machine gun possession for anyone but law enforcement or the particular weapon’s licensed owner.

    The measure also makes it a felony to possess guns while committing some crimes that would otherwise be misdemeanors. Patrick would also establish "dangerousness hearings" for gun crimes, allowing prosecutors to seek no-bail rulings from judges in dangerous criminal trials. A similar provision was included in the Senate’s crime bill."

    You OPPOSE this? What the fuck for? You need to buy more than 12 guns A YEAR? Why? You need to be able to lend your machine gun out to your neighbor when you want? Or hand it to your kid at "automatic weapons day" at a gun club, as we all know happened last year? You DON'T WANT criminals who use guns to face more severe sentencing than those who don't? Why? Are you nuts?

    And the idea that "liberalizing" gun laws reduces crime will require a lot more evidence than you've presented to be taken as a serious hypothesis.  

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