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View Diary: "It's Scary" - GOP's Lou Engle Problem Getting Bigger (45 comments)

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  •  Lou Engle has "Nazirites"... (5+ / 0-)

    ...But Engle's "Nazirites" aren't jackbooted thugs. They're young religious zealots following Engle and TheCall.  

    I'm sure Engle would utterly disagree that his movement has anything whatsoever to do with German Fascism. And, stylistically, it could not be more different. But it is also eliminationist. That's one key similarity.

    Engle's movement overtly targets gays, covertly targets Jews, and maintains the need to cleanse the Earth of all ideological opposition.

    However I think, in the end, that most comparisons - to fascism, militant Islam, and so on - tend to be misleading and, most importantly, distract from paying attention to the thing-in-itself.

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