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  •  MPR likes to sell people on that idea... (0+ / 0-)

    ...but how can you be "independent" if you're as dependent on corporate money as broadcast and print journalist are?

    I still listen to NPR/MPR, because they are--regrettably--the best game in town when it comes to broadcast. But that's no compliment--the other games in town are "outright crooked and willfully inept"--choosing not to cover stories if it will cost them revenue, shrinking market share, or career.

    But there are the same flaws in the MPR model. For example: for decades they've been inviting "experts" from ideological groups like the Heritage Foundation to pronounce on policy issues, in rebuttal to supposedly liberal think tanks. Who "learns" from an "exchange of spin" like that, if the issue is "climate change" or "the working family's tax burden?"

    Take those phone numbers out of your Rolodex and replace them with the numbers of experts who aren't bound to an ideology. As I pointed out, these alternate phone numbers aren't hard to find.

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