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View Diary: AR-Sen: Runoff in Arkansas - we need your help (144 comments)

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    ...and I would, if it wasn't for these little gems from your site:

    Arkansas is home to military bases that are critical to our nation's security. I believe in a cohesive and thoughtful approach to the security of our nation and supporting the mission of our men and women in uniform. American leadership in the world is critical to helping ensure peace, democracy and human rights. This is particularly true in the face of complex challenges in fighting terrorism and transnational threats, ensuring success in Iraq and Afghanistan and crafting a strong, forward-leaning foreign policy.

    Military bases in Arkansas are not critical for the security of anything, except maybe the financial security of those who profit from public tax dollars being sucked into the Pentagon black hole. And that goes for hundreds of other military bases, from Okinawa to Honduras to Diego Garcia.

    A "cohesive and thoughtful approach to the security of our nation" would involve soundly REJECTING, not supporting, the current Bush-initiated, Obama-intensified "mission" of our "men and women in uniform". Invading, bombing, and occupying Muslim nations is the kind of "American leadership" that helps ensure not "peace, democracy, and human rights", but instead has made real the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent human beings and is guaranteed to create MORE, not fewer, acts of "terrorism" and "transnational threats".

    "Success in Iraq and Afghanistan?"  Success for who? Not the Iraqi and Afghan people. Success for military contractors, US-based multinational corporations, and the local criminals and bought-off butchers we choose as puppet figureheads in these particular outposts of American empire.

    But hey, you'll get plenty of support around here even if I don't pitch in.
    Dick and George are gone. It's a good war now.    

    Illegal Alien: Term used by the descendents of foreign colonizers to refer to the descendents of indigenous people

    by mojada on Thu May 20, 2010 at 08:00:35 PM PDT

    •  Consider who he is running to represent, please. (0+ / 0-)

      While he may be asking for money here, he's asking for votes in Arkansas.  I'm not arguing with you--you and I are here (online).  But I'm here in AR and I can tell you the opinions of the people here don't always match dailykos.  If he's looking for more votes here, he has to have a broader appeal within these borders.  
      If you want to change the opinions of people here, there are probably some advocacy groups doing work in that area, but you can count on that taking a generation.  We don't have that long before the run-off.

      Watch this space. Something brilliant will come to me soon, I'm sure.

      by tresgatos on Thu May 20, 2010 at 08:51:46 PM PDT

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      •  It's like this... (0+ / 0-)

        ...I've been working to do more than "change opinions" regarding US military aggression for over four decades in eight countries. I don't even dream of living to see an end to American war crimes, but I'm still involved and will stay involved in the anti-war movement. Until I die. Longer, if possible.
        I don't expect you or even a healthy minority of people in the US to take a stand against the atrocities committed by the government. But that doesn't mean I'll quit calling 'em just as I see 'em.

        Oh, and whoever you are, gracias for the hide-rate. I'll wear it like a badge of honor.  

        Illegal Alien: Term used by the descendents of foreign colonizers to refer to the descendents of indigenous people

        by mojada on Thu May 20, 2010 at 09:52:11 PM PDT

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