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  •  i can imagine pockets (0+ / 0-)

    and individuals doing so. But i would expect businesses that discriminate would lose a lot of business.

    What is America now, 40% non-white/chistian?

    I would think that they would be even more likely to take their dollars elsewhere.

    And who wants to piss off a third of their workforce.

    •  how about gays and "others" (1+ / 0-)
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      who are disliked like transgenderd people or immigrants? Of course America would resegregate in many places like taxi cabs in Manhatten and hotels in Oklahoma or swimming pools in Ohio. All across the south signs would go up stating who would be served or not.

      The only business that would prosper would be sign makers of "white only" signs, they would boom.

      •  Not sure how (0+ / 0-)

        K-Mart or the Outback Steakhouse will discriminate against gay customors.

        My understanding is that many Taxis in Manhatten are driven by non-whites. So it may be me who is discriminated against.

        Again, a hotel with an exclusionary policy would lose many more customers than just that group they excluded.

        part of me even likes the idea of the racists isolating themselves in their own self-created Ghettos.

        Maybe i don't want to eat at a restaurant with THEM

        •  you must be white (0+ / 0-)

          whites can say those things because they're in power and won't be hurt. Black people on the other hand have to suffer the indignity of having cabs pass them by right now even though it's illegal. And that a small point, real estate and jobs are the real places where white could isolate and discriminate. Try to think, it isn't the America you or I would want.

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