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View Diary: "Barack Obama is taking everybody away" says little girl to first lady (98 comments)

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    Othniel Kenaz

    the effect on HS dropout rates. I do know that when I taught school in Houston, Texas, a certain number of my students were the children of undocumented persons. What I found, especially in a few cases where I knew for sure that their parents were undocumented, these kids worked very hard.

    I live in what is, I believe, the "whitest" state in the US, Maine. And I can tell you, the number of HS dropouts and persons on the dole is pretty high. Not to mention the rampant proliferation of Meth in the area in which I live.

    What I think lots of people forget is that when many of second and third and fourth generation Americans take into consideration the fact that we had very open borders when our ancestors immigrated, many of us would not be here if legal immigration to the US were as restricted then as it is now.

    I congratulate Indiemcemopants on his Netroots Nation scholarship!

    by commonmass on Thu May 20, 2010 at 04:45:07 PM PDT

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      burrow owl, commonmass

      I was not actually saying that illegal aliens affected the high school dropout rate. What I meant was that the wages of US high school dropouts, much more than other groups in the United States, are lowered significantly due to competition with illegal aliens.

      It's true that many of us would not be here if immigration were as restricted as it is now. But there's no obligation to repeat the past today. We must decide our own fate.

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