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View Diary: The Obama administration as “managed democracy" (29 comments)

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  •  Well done - why didn't this make the Rec list? (6+ / 0-)

    Maybe it will show up on the diary rescue.

    I agree that Wolin's book is outstanding in laying out what has gone on. Wolin is considered to be a political philosopher, not a political scientist. These days many political scientists spend their time with statistics and polls. I found an insight in Wolin's book every couple of pages. Like this posting, it takes a while to get one's arms around the arguments.

    I liked the tie in to Veblin. I read his Theory of the Leisure Class about 40 years ago. I looked him up on widkpedia and that restored old memories. His points about the elite who keep their hands off real work, and  how finance goes for the quick fix rather than building organizational expertise is extremely relevant right now. In my case, I joined ATT in 1978 and there were 1 million employees and now it is a brand name. ATT had expertise in Research and Development and Manufacturing. It took years to build the skill level and reputation now it is gone.

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