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View Diary: Weekly Tracking Poll: Grumpy Makes A Comeback (48 comments)

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  •  perfectly predictable. America is in a (2+ / 0-)
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    billlaurelMD, Pluto

    despondent frame of mind this week.

    Americans are FIXERS. They truly believe that everything can be fixed, childish, but three year olds always think Mummy or Daddy can FIX anything and everything.

    This week the oil gusher is a constant reminder that in fact not everything CAN be fixed.

    If they want to FIX oil, they have to be the ones to STOP demanding it cheap and easy.


    Obama is NOT the Messiah, but then neither is anyone else, the other FIXERS want to drill baby drill.

    America is waking up finally. It is they who are going to have to change. All President Obama or any other leader if it comes to that is to try and facilitate their willingness to change. he/she cant force them/us to change. Only we can do that.

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