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View Diary: Fox Breaks Out the Biggest Dog Whistle of Them All (295 comments)

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  •  Then where's my free Mark of the Beast (5+ / 0-)


    As a member in good standing of the Worldwide Leftwing Conspiracy To Destroy All That Is Good & Wholesome, I can assure you the New World Order comes with signs, wonders, unspeakable calamities, and perks.

    1. Mark of the Beast tat. Forehead or wrist. You get to choose!
    1. Single global currency. Still working out the kinks on the Euro.
    1. Dogs and cats sleeping together. So far, only sporadic reports of this thing happening. Furbies and pooties: What's up with that?
    1. Concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a largely unseen elite. OK, that's going well.
    1. Departure of millions into outer space, aka Rapture. So far, just a smattering of astronauts and cosmonauts, who usually come back.
    1. 666 other things that would easily bump the last show of 'Lost' off the front pages.

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