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    yet another liberal

    In this country everything is organized upon the assumption that everyone has a car.  I've had many exciting, life enriching experiences into the wilderness that would have been very difficult if not impossible without one.  However, it's obvious that this is not how car's are used 99% of the time.  

    It's all about convenience.  As Jello Biafra famously said- "Give me Convenience or Give me Death!"  This could be America's official national motto.  I'm thinking Americans should step away from the convenience thing and take a long hard look at it at least once in their lives.  Among the downsides to convenience is morbid obesity at a level never before seen in history.  It's a tough issue to face.  This one's been building and gathering momentum since the early '80s, but now this mother of all chickens has done come home to Roost!!  

    The number of miles driven per capita has declined somewhat in recent years, but it wasn't voluntary I assure you.  It is born of unemployment and high gas prices.  All defensive self confirmation aside, it's the addiction talking when I hear those crying about how badly they need to bring home 400 pounds of stuff on every routine trip to Walmart.  I feel your pain!!

    "Seek above all for a game worth playing- such is the advice of the oracle to modern man." - Robert S. de Ropp

    by FuddGate on Sun May 23, 2010 at 07:08:23 AM PDT

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