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  •  rc, just adjust your priorities (7+ / 0-)

    although the tipping point for me was The Gulf, I know that there are still things to do.

    for one thing, get more NOLA and party with the idea that partying with awareness is always a good thing to do.

    personally, i am identifying with Claudius in the brilliant I, Claudius.

    making a record of what went wrong is more than worth it.

    and preserving that record is also more than worth it.

    the younger you are, the worse this is.

    us graying folks have done a lot and can't say we were too awfully denied opportunities.

    the human herd must be thinned.  

    but that is not the worst thing that could happen.

    as Maxine Hong Kingston once told me: Our idea of ourselves is more like a goal than a reality.

    it takes training from infancy.

    too many of us on the planet right now are trained to be not-so-human.

    Gaia is heartbroken.

    by BlueDragon on Sun May 23, 2010 at 07:01:50 AM PDT

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