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View Diary: WA-Sen: Rossi rumored to be ready to challenge Murray (64 comments)

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    Angie in WA State

    ... we're comparing all our long-termers to those two gods of the Senate, Warren Magnuson and Scoop Jackson.  Of course, those two had plenty of problems themselves (Jackson especially), but people loved them and they served this state for decades.

    That said, I have felt what you are speaking of as well, although I think there is something else at work as well.  Washington never seems to produce any truly excellent politicians... Maria Cantwell I have long regarded as more or less a mediocrity.  She's gotten better, but for most of her first term I could not summon up any particular feeling or regard for her.  Ron Sims and Gary Locke are much the same; there was a great deal of attention paid to the state when both of these men took up positions in the Obama administration, but my own reaction was "oh, they're appointing them?  I guess that's all right, but couldn't they have found anyone better from this state?"

    We have got a few good people in the Congressional delegation and the state legislature, but most of them seem to be pretty much careerists.  They do a good job, but nothing above and beyond what is needful.  You know things are in an odd way when one of the most inspired liberals in the state Democratic caucus used to be a Republican (Rodney Tom).

    It often seems that many of the better men and women never move up from local government to the state or federal level.  In Whatcom County, where I used to go to college, we had an embarassment of riches as far as good, solid, articulate progressives went, and so far none of them have shown the inclination or desire to move up, much to my own chagrin.

    But you are probably correct that this state seems to have a weird thing against politicians who have held a post for a long time.  Nonetheless, I am inclined to think that Patty Murray will not be brought down by that this year... or at least that is my own hope, heheh.

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