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  •  The myth of history is for those who do not (1+ / 0-)
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    know the reality as witnessed by Hayworth recently asserting that the US never declared war on Germany in WWII. This was in response to the question of his position on undeclared wars by the US. Yep, if the facts are not there (US declared war on Germany on same day Germany declared war on US) say anything at all.

    Listening to a history lecture by a televangelist, I was surprised to learn that the taxes were imposed by King George to pay for British troops to occupy the colonies (and I thought it was to pay for the French and Indian War). Yeppers, Britain occupied the American colonies (and fools they were, were to depend on taxes and not oil to finance their military adventures) and then taxed them to pay for the cost of the occupation.

    At this point he veered over to the subject of how Patriots (hung lanterns and)met in churches, proving this a Christian nation, Patriots also met in taverns so I guess this proves the US is an alcoholic Christian nation,

    This is the problem; the hardcore, vote against their own interest voters have their own sources of information which are almost impossible to refute since they do not provide for dialogue and debate in their venues.  

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