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  •  if congress is willing to raise taxes (0+ / 0-)

    If congress is willing to raise taxes to pay for it, then I agree with you.  However, if you are really out of money, you need a solution right now, not whenever congress gets around to passing a new law.  

    What about retail?  I was considering getting a job in retail just to tide me over until the job market looked better (a bookstore ideally).  You can always tune down your resume to not look over-qualified.  A lot of places are willing to hire you if you are willing to do unpleasant work for low wages, but it is better then nothing.

    Also, have you ever considered teaching English in China or Taiwan.  Again, it is not a career, but I know a lot of friends who have done it and it can maybe tide you over till something better comes along.  It would certainly be an interesting experience.  If my current gig doesn't work out, it is something I'm going to consider.    

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